Uncommon Year Tallboy 3 Pack- Limited Edition

Uncommon Year Tallboy 3 Pack- Limited Edition

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In celebration of our first year. This Uncommon has a limited edition label. 

Mash Gang was started as we (mostly) all lost our jobs in the first lockdown. We pretty much owe everything to 2020 the worst year ever

Same great beer in a limited edition can.

And our first 13 customers will get a 3 pack for £6.66!

California Uncommon, is at heart, an alcohol free American malt liquor. Yes, that much maligned style, gets not only, a caring wholesome craft brew, but also, it's alcohol free!

Quite the punch line, alcohol free malt liquor. 

So what is it like?

Not quite a steam beer, not quite a lager, but distinctly NOT another darn IPA, plenty of great ones on the market. So don't expect modern craft hop profiles. 

Minty and woody hop profiles, cereal, caramel, unique honey malt is distinctive and far from malt based drinks like, say super malt. 

Designed to be refreshing and session based, one of the key design considerations was, that you could drink 4 at a bbq, but a satisfying body and burn.  

This is totally different, uncompromising and, for us, exciting. Mid carbonation, low filtration. We set out to make something like nothing else on the market.  

We moved this over to bigger 500ml cans as the format really does it justice. Thirst quenching.

To buy different amount of mixed cases Click Here

ABV : 0.5% 

Hops : Tettnanger & Northern Brewer

Malt : Honey & Pilsner. 

Color : Unfiltered

Vegan : Yes

Gluten Free : No

Brewed in the UK.

3 Pack of 500ml tallboy cans