Where to Buy

You can find our beers at these fine establishments. 

Bison Beer Beach Bar - Sussex Beach Drinkin

Bison Beer have been peddling craft beer in Brighton since 2015 with their brewery, bar and bottleshop services to the city. Now you can enlist their expertise besides the seaside with a refreshing range of tasty beers brewed from near and far. With a keen eye on Sussex talent, the beach bar is always well stocked thanks to the 60 plus microbreweries in the local area. There's also a great selection of ciders, wine, spirits and soft drinks so nobody need go thirsty. 

Wise Bartender  - Online Commerce

Tom is a beer lover, all beers, full ABV and AF, his idea of splitting down cases so that customers could buy a range of beers, without committing to buying 24 of something they might not like, has grown in to one of the largest and most trusted AF portals on the interwebs. You can buy directly from your PC Computer. 

Woods Burger Kitchen - Worthing Feed Bag

Dirty Filthy Lovely burgers from the absolute lords of flipping meat disks. Worthing used to be a bit of a waiting room for the infirm, but that has changed in the last 5 years with hundreds of startups making their way in this thriving and oh so hip community. Book in advance and be ready to get messy. Try the vegan chill fries (even if you are a carnivore).

Crafty AF - Artisan Brews

I can always trust the guys at Crafty AF to curate me a box of something special. Sourcing weird and wonderful NoLow brews from all over the world. Such is my trust, I'll just say. Give me something that will be fun. it ALWAYS is.