How do we stock your beer?

 Drop an email to Trade@mashgang.beer


Where is my delivery?

We use DPD to ship in the UK, we pick and pack a few times a week, and provide end to end tracking. You will get a packing note, a despatch note and an estimated delivery slot. We have found DPD in general are the most reliable and successful at delivering in the UK, and, honestly I just liked getting an accurate time slot so I didn't have to wait around. 


Who makes your beer?

Our head brewer is Matt Denham of Brauhaus, he utilizes a number of breweries for large production runs. Small production runs are made on the nano brew set in london, but for larger runs we often phantom brew all over the UK, we would actually like to brew all over the world. Absolutely a goal. 


Are your beers Vegan? 

We actively work to ensure our beers are vegan as standard, currently all are. However if we do use lactose in any of them they will be clearly marked NOT VEGAN, it's not happened yet. We have used oat milk in place of lactose and the results are promising. 


Are all your beers alcohol free?

By law we mark our ABV on the product (usually slightly above for safety). but our beers are always between 0.0% - 3%

We didn't set out to be a specifically low alcohol brewery, but we don't have much interest in high ABV beers and enjoy the challenge in solving problems often faced by sub 3% beers. 


A beer is out of stock, when will it be back?

If a beer is not available to purchase, and there is no date on the listing, it is not currently brewing. 

We are a small brewery and on average have a couple of beers brewing at one time, but thats it. Part of the fun is trying new things.