About the Gang

As we saw lockdown spread across the globe, the quick realisation was that we wouldn't be going back to work anytime soon, especially those of us that worked in venues and the music industry.


This band of brothers, recognized that we couldn't stand idle for too long. That maybe it was time to curb off the day drinking if everyday was going to be the weekend for the foreseeable future. A group chat asked the question... Could we make a beer?


Those stupid words. How hard could it be?


Well its pretty hard if you know NOTHING about making beer, if we discount some storebought homebrew kits and drinking batches of not fully fermented but its friday night and thirsty now cider. Which, if you are reading this dear neighbour, was where all your apples went that fateful day.


Assembling a crack team of brewers, tasters, hustlers and artists. Mash Gang was born.


We are now proud of our beers that are enjoyed internationally.